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Welcome to SALLS College

SALLS College is an educational institution for international students heading to Austria to get a university degree. We offer an extensive foundation program and language courses to make students fit for the studies in Austria.

SALLS is a friendly and open-minded college that takes students from all over the world for what they are. It is modern in its outlook yet academically demanding. We are a proud member of SALLS Educational Network, which stand for a high standards in education, with some 200 undergraduates.

Our pride
We are proud to be an international community with students coming from over the world with different cultural backgrounds. We encourage multi-cultural atmosphere at SALLS and proud to have strong links with Russia, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. We provide international students with a possibility to meet the standards of European secondary education independent of their academic background and overcome bureaucratic hurdles on the way to a European higher education.

Our goal
Our goal is to to ensure those with the talent are not overlooked and provided with an equal chance to discover their talents. We believe SALLS is the sort of environment where you can be confident, where you can be yourselves. We encourage students to learn from each other and make lifelong friends. Our academic staff is fully involved in students life and takes seriously its responsibilities for the welfare of our students.

Our future
You are, a fellow of SALLS College, having received an excellent education in Austria mastering a number of foreign languages will be perfectly prepared for the globally connected society of the future and will carry on the heritage of St. Stephen’s through out your life.

We are thrilled and excited to provide you with this remarkable possibility of getting a European higher education today and strongly encourage you to apply to SALLS College.

Prof.Dr. Waldemar N. Petrowski
SALLS College Vienna

Waldemar N. Petrowski - principal at SALLS College Vienna

Prof.Dr. Waldemar N. Petrowski
Prinicipal and Founder
Dedicated and inspired visionary with an extensive life experience, striving to share acquired knowledge and experience with students, and to educate a new generation of bright minds.