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Housing and dorms for students in Austria

Living and residential life in Austria

Superb dorms for students. You will absolutely love it – spacious, clean and well located! SALLS College takes the welfare of its students seriously, providing the best accommodations for students in Austria for the whole period of studies.Victoria

Students, living at SALLS College, experience the city in a absolutely different special way. Students enjoy only premium single apartments featuring french bright windows and proximity to universities in Vienna. What makes us stand out is that we do care about our peers, offering an exceptional service and comfort.

Student at SALLS College enjoy the best experience while studying and living in Vienna. We take welfare of our students very seriously and are excited to offer premium single apartments for our applicants.


Smart location: city center 10 minutes, all Viennese universities are within 15 minutes reach by public transportation. Shopping, fitness, hospital, police are within easy reach on foot.


Only the best dorms for out students in Vienna. SALLS College takes welfare of its students very seriously and offers premium single apartments with an outstanding level of comfort.


Rent prices are fixed and include all the expenses – no hidden costs and no surprises. Student visa prolongation is included free of charge. Concentrate on your studies, your finances are under control.

BookingContract & PaymentMoving inRulesMoving out

Students coming to Vienna for studies at SALLS College meet all the prerequisite and simply tick an appropriate box in front of the chosen accommodation. All the students at SALLS College are guaranteed provided with the accommodation for the whole period of studies.

Places availability
In rare cases we may offer a place to external students, but please bare in mind that some additional fees may apply.

How to book

To book the right accommodation a student needs to fill in the application form for college and choose the accommodation type he or she wishes to rent for the period of studies.

External students
External students need to fill in the application form and pay the processing fees. On completion you will receive the information on rooms availability and booking conditions. Please note, the processing fees are not refundable.

Contract & Payment

Contracts have the following characteristics:

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Prolongation fees: € 50
  • Prolongation possibility: 6 months in advance

Students have to make sure to prolong their contracts in time, otherwise some additional fees may apply.

Rent payments
The rent payments are to be made twice a year for the whole semester in advance. The payments have to be made until 31th of Juli and 31th of January for the winter and summer semester respectively.

To book a room the following payments are to be made in advance:

  • Deposit: 3 months rent,
  • Monthly rent,
  • Registration fees € 150 (one time payment),
  • Damage fees € 35 (once a year),
  • Extra fees for external students.

Booking confirmation

The contracts are not prolonged automatically and require no extra cancellation.

Moving in

Before moving in

  • Two weeks in advance notify about your arrival and send tickets,
  • Make sure you have a valid passport and visa,
  • Order or take bed linen,
  • Plates, dishes, frying / saucepan, knifes and folks are not provided,
  • Print out the information letter and put it into your purse,
  • Make sure your phone is charged on the day of arrival.

After moving in

  • Check your room carefully,
  • Fill-in the inventory form,
  • Make sure you understand the rules and sign the consent,
  • Try out the keys from the hostel and your room,
  • Fill-in address registration form,
  • Register with municipal authorities within 3 days.


  • Keep your room in order,
  • Pay on time to avoid additional fees,
  • Enjoy staying in the hostel,
  • Use hostel’s facilities: washing kitchen, gym, learning lounges,
  • Invite friends, reserve party rooms and have some fun.


  • Do not change keys or remove furniture,
  • Do not bring animals,
  • Do not sublease your room,
  • Do not have guests stay overnight,
  • Do not make noise.
Moving out

Before moving out

  • Make sure the room is in order,
  • Unregister your address,
  • Check the room together with the hostel’s representative,
  • Return the keys and the card from the room.

After moving out

  • Provide/verify you bank account details,
  • Deposit is returned within 2 weeks,
  • Make a photo of yourself in the room and twit it,
  • Do not forget to leave some feedback.