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Education in Austria

Overview of academic programs at SALLS College

Austrian education is the most prestigious yet affordable European education with Vienna being world’s best place to live in — the city with the highest quality of life. Only in Vienna you can unleash your talents and reach all your academic goals.Waldemar

SALLS College focuses on achieving best results possible by its students independent of prior academic background. We are an unrivaled type of college you have never been studying at before, providing our peers with unique educational experience.

Stellar academic staff
Highest quality of education
Guaranteed university placement
Bilingual educational programs
Active and interactive learning

Our academic team is literally always available for our students personally and socially. Think about SALLS College as of a community of friends helping and supporting on the way to success during the whole period of studies. We are constantly expanding our community, caring and sharing our knowledge with friends.

Rules & Regulations

SALLS College introduced a strict number of rules, which must be followed by its students. Misbehavior may lead to suspension from the studies to, in some extreme cases, getting expelled from the College.

Students and parents are required to read and agree with the College rules on enrollment. You may download SALLS College Rules & Regulations.

Schedule & Holidays

The classes start in September and last till the middle of July. Academic year is divided into winter, spring and summer semesters. Each semester lasts around 13 weeks followed by 2-3 weeks semester holidays. In the middle of each semester students enjoy 1 week mid-term holidays.