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High School Diploma in Austria

Secondary education in Austria

The distinguishing feature of SALLS College is not only the quality of the tuition, but the personal involvement in student’s development – every student has a tutor, who guides the students through the college, preparing for the university. We encourage not only personal but also physical development of our students, constantly pushing the envelope, making sure that our graduates are accepted to the world’s best universities.

Our goal is to to ensure those with the talent are not overlooked and provided with an equal chance to discover their talents. We believe SALLS College is the sort of environment where you can be confident, be yourselves. We encourage students to learn from each other and make lifelong friends.
High School DiplomaAdmissionFees
High School Diploma
Preparing students for Higher Education

Austria secondary education is a balanced program with final examinations that prepares students for a university. Austrian high school diploma is world-wide recognized and accepted by the world’s leading universities. The program effectively prepares students for Higher Education and is focused on:

physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical development
developing the skills and a positive attitude toward learning
bi-lingual education: German and English
enhancing personal and interpersonal development

It is advised to start the application procedure at least 6 months before moving to Austria. All applicants are expecting to submit an Application Form together with required documents’ scans per Email. Upon submission an Application Fee is to be paid. The application processing takes 5 working days.

Admission requirements
Copy of the applicant’s passport
Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
School report for the last 2 years
IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL (IBT) 70
Motivation letter
References and awards

Please, provide us with all the relevant to your personal and physical development documents. We take the welfare and personal development of our students very seriously, encouraging our peers to pursue sport activities – skiing, football, horse-riding, tennis, swimming, running.

Application process and payment schedule
Submit the Application Form and scans of your documents per Email
Pay the Application Fee and send the copy of a bank transfer confirmation
Upon receiving a Letter of Acceptance, transfer the outstanding fees (enrollment and tuition fees, deposit) and send a copy of a bank transfer confirmation
Your personal manager will guide your through the Application process.
   Application fee € 150

The Application Fee is non-refundable and is due upon the application form submission. After receiving bank transfer confirmation the application form could be processed.

   Enrollment fee € 2.850

Applicants accepted to the college need to pay a non-refundable Enrollment Fee, which confirms a student’s place in the college. The Enrollment fee is due the first year only.

   Deposit € 3.000

The Deposit is due before the beginning of studies and is a security deposit for any damages. The extra fees could be deducted from the deposit. It is fully refundable on graduation less any outstanding charges.

   Tuition costs (1st year) | € 18.900

The tuition fee is due one month prior to the beginning of the studies. The 3% is granted on the tuition fee if payed for the whole year in advance. It is possible to make the payment in 3 installments (for each trimester) — €6.500 per trimester and is to be paid in advance.

   Tuition costs (2nd year) | € 21.750

During the graduation year students take additional crash courses and seminars to ensure the best graduation results. The tuition fee is payed in advance. If payed for the whole academic year 3% discount is granted. The tuition fee payed on a trimester basis is €7.500.

   Visa Package

We provide only the best services to our clients and are happy to assist and support our students during the application process for Austrian visa. For additional information, please, refer to your manager.

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