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Medicine foundation in Austria

Medical university entrance exam preparation program

SALLS College offers a specially designed medical university entrance exam preparation program — MedAustria. The program is challenging and academically demanding. On program completion students significantly increase their chances to pass the entrance examination.

SALLS College medical staff goes an extra mile preparing its students for the entrance exam and studies itself constrantly developing and dynamically adapting already highly efficient preparation program. We are proud to announce, that more than 95% of our graduates were accepted to Austrian medical university on program completion.

Austrian medical universities are among the best in Europe offering limitless possibilities and incredible international outlook. SALLS College provides an outstanding Medicine university preparation program — MedAustria — and supports its fellows during the whole period of studies.
MedAustria University FoundationAdmissionFees
MedAustria University Foundation

MedAustria builds on top of SALLS Foundation Program. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of German (B2 level). The program courses aim at getting students prepared for C1 German language exam together with getting them prepared for the core exam disciplines — Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

The entrance exam preparation is the second core focus of the program. Before the entrance examination students start with the entrance exam simulations and take psychological exam preparation course to ensure SALLS student could withstand the pressure and competitive atmosphere of the entrance exam.


Students applying for foundation program and meeting the admission requirements need to pay the Application Fee on application submission.

Admission requirements
German language B2 or equivalent
SALLS Foundation Program
Application fee bank transfer confirmation

Medicine preparation program could be ordered together with SALLS Foundation courses only.

   Application fee | € 250

The Application Fee is non-refundable and is due upon the application form submission. The Application Fee includes program registration, educational consulting, student’s testing and application form processing.

   Tuition Fee | € 7 950 per semester

The contract is signed to for the academic year. The tuition fee could be payed at once, in this case the 4% discount is granted, or in three installments, due one month prior to the beginning of each trimester.

  Please note, the boarding costs are to be payed separately.