Study in Austria

Apply online for an Austrian university, learn German and get prepared for university studies in Austria

Study in Austria

  • A high quality yet FREE higher education in Austria

Our goal is to assist students with reaching their dream to get an admission to an Austrian public university, prepare students language and subject wise for their studies, guide them through their visa application and provide support during the whole period of their studies in Austria. We are excited to be part of your future and strive to help you with your getting a high quality higher education in Austria.

  • Affordable prices for services, courses and programmes

The educational center cooperates with non-profit organisation, thus offering the educational services, pre-university programmes and German language courses for very affordable prices. The places in students residencies are provided through the Austrian Student Exchange Service i.e. without any extra charges. We are here to provide international students with the best possibilities to get a higher education in Austria at a very affordable and competitive price.

  • Learn German and get prepared for a higher education in Austria

To study in Austria means a student would need to learn the German language, this is exactly what we do the best – providing students with German language classes and pre-university training courses. Before a student can start the studies in Austria, we do assist with booking a place in a student residency, support with the visa application and students during their studies in Austria. Our faculty is devoted to compile its own interactive learning platform to support students and encourage them to learn the German language in an efficient and fast way. We are thrilled with the challenges to prepare students for the German language certificate, organise exams and issue ÖSD and ÖIF certificates.

Study in Austria
Dmitry Petrovsky
Principal and graduate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business
Австрийская торговая палата
Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Registration: 30649484
Аккредитация OSD
Austrian Language Diploma
License: ATU1597
Венский образовательный паспорт
Vienna Language Passport
Member organisation
Аккредитация австрийского интеграционного фонда
Integration Fonds
License: 8.0258

Getting students prepared for studying in Austria

Our goal is to help students to choose the right university and a degree programme, assist with the required documents, guide them through the admission process and get admission to a public university. We are an official partner of the following student residencies providers: OeAD and Milestone. We are here to help you to reserve a place in a residency, to assist with your visa application, university registration and to guide you through out your studies in Austria.

We are a German language academy and ÖSD examination center. The academy offer intensive German language courses, prepares students for the German language certificate exam B2 and C1 (ÖSD and EPD). Our students take the classes and sit for the exams with us.

We assist international students with getting prepared for the entrance exams and universities studies in Austria (e.g. for an entrance exam for medical universities), offer language and pathway subjects courses, provide pre-university training and prepare students for Austrian public universities.

5 unique reason to study in Austria

Austria is a unique country to study in, to get a secondary and higher education. Here are 5 main and unique reason to study in Austria, which may not know about:

  • Admission after the high school (no exams)

  • Learn German after the admission

  • Grades average is not considered for the admission

  • University tuition fees are only € 363 per semester

  • Language of instruction: German and English

Getting admission to an Austrian public university

  • Assistance with choosing a university and a degree course

  • Assistance with documents

  • University admission assistance

  • Student residency placement

  • Assistance with a student visa and relocation to Austria


Educational Services

Getting admission to an Austrian public university

We assist international students with preparing the required documents for the admission to Austrian public universities, inform them about dates and deadlines, help with getting admission to undergraduate and post graduate studies. Counsellors support students during the university admission process, help with online application and submitting the documents to a university. We also assist with student residency placement, university registration, pre-university courses registration and also help with relocating to Austria for studies.

Get a university admission

University Foundation Programme

  • German language level B2

  • tuition in mini-groups of 6-8 participants

  • pathway subjects and German courses (C1)

  • entrance exam preparation courses

  • guidance and supervision during the studies

per month

University Foundation

How to get prepared for university studies in Austria?

Focused and rigorous university foundation courses to get international students prepared for the university studies in Austria. We prepare students language and subject wise for the university studies in Austria, giving the solid basis for the future career. Our goal is to prepare international students for the undergraduate as well as postgraduate studies in Austrian public universities.

University Foundation Programme

Getting prepared for Austrian medical universities

  • required German level B2

  • mini-groups of 6-8 participants

  • pathway subjects + German (C1)

  • entrance exam preparation

  • guidance and supervision

per month

Medical Education

How to get admission to Austrian medical universities?

Medical university foundation programme is the right choice for international students to get prepared for the entrance examination to the Austrian medical universities. We teach Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physics and prepare students for the entrance exam. Students undergo a rigorous pre-examination training and do the exam simulation before sitting for the entrance exam.

Medical Education in Austria

Intensive German Language Courses

  • Language placement test

  • Mini-groups of 6-8 participants

  • 4 to 8 classes per day

  • excursions and extra activities

  • German language certificate

per month

German Language Courses

How to learn German language fast?

Intensive and super intensive German language courses for every age and every level (from a beginner to C1 level). Crash courses, language courses for the ÖSD certificate or a university. We also offer a wide range of holiday courses as well as the special courses for groups of students.

Choose your German course

Dormitories for students in Austria

  • Student residency placement

  • Booking a place in a residency

  • Single or double studio

  • All-inclusive rent

  • Rent duration 12 months

per month


How to get a place in a student dormitory?

Book a place in a student residency in Vienna. We offer places in students residencies provided by our partners ÖAD and Milestone student residencies providers – single or double studios. The rent varies from € 280 to € 649 per month.

Book a place in a dormitory