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Efficient preparation and language courses for Austrian Universities
October / March
to 40 classes in a week
from € 575 in a month

University Foundation Courses in Austria

The Foundation course prepares foreign students for German language and major subjects for their study at Austrian universities. All foreign students with no exclusions need to visit foundation courses after enrolling in the university. We recommend saving the time and to begin with preparation right after finishing school.
подготовительный факультет в Австрии

The Foundation Course

After enrolling in the university all foreign students need to visit foundation courses. before they start their degree program in the Austrian university. The main goal of the program is to prepare students for study at the university, to strengthen their knowledge of major subjects in German language and take the language test.

Who needs the foundation course?

Austrian program of pre-university preparation or Foundation Course is necessary for any foreign student, because of duration of school education (in Austria you learn at school for 12 years). If you know the English educational system, you can compare it with A-Levels in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wels). In German, it is called Studienkolleg.

Why do students choose our Foundation Course?

During the foundation course, our students have 8 hours of classes every day, where they learn the major subjects. The program is very intensive and focused on each student purposes. There are small groups with 4-6 people. After finishing the foundation course students continue their study at the Austrian universities.

The University Foundation Course consists of 3 major pathway subjects. The choice of the subjects depends on the chosen degree course. We teach English, History, Geography, Physic, Biology, and Chemistry. All subjects are part of the pre-university training program. Students revise their school knowledge in German language. You can learn more about every subject offered below.

Our University Foundation Programme lasts only one academic year – this is much more effective, intensive and shorter than public training courses, provided by Austrian public universities. We teach in mini-groups of max. 8 students. Students have classes 8 hours per day. Every student has his own supervisor, who is responsible for the educational program and controls the attendance and academic performance. Parents can see the educational progress online and they also get a monthly report from the supervisor. Students can start the University Foundation Course without having a university admission.

For the Foundation Course, we apply for visa D (180 days). This allows to save at least half a year of waiting and begin with preparation courses without waiting for university admission (period of waiting 2-3 months) and residence permit (also 2-3 months of waiting).


  • Filled application for education
  • Photo, passport copy
  • Secondary/higher education with grades
  • Full resume (schools, language camps etc.)


  • Last day of application
  • Application to university
    till 04.09.2019
  • Issuing of visa D
    10 days
  • Start of language courses
  • Subject wise preparation

Why do you need a Foundation Course?

Foreign students can enroll in the governmental universities of Austria after school based on their secondary school certificate. They don’t need a language certificate in German or English like TestDAF, ÖSD, IELTS/TOEFL etc.

After being enrolled in the university students can need foundation course in following cases:

  • Their German language proficiency is below the C1 level
  • They had their education outside of the EU
  • They enroll after 11 classes of school

Austrian universities enroll foreign students in bachelor programs. They can apply for an admission after 11 class and without German language knowledge. In that case, foreign students are enrolled in the university as non-degree students.

Following application procedure students have a possibility to learn the German language and refresh or learn major subjects, which are the base of the Preparation program.


Stages of Foundation course:

  • Language preparation (German language)
  • Subject wise preparation (2-3 subjects)

Major subjects preparation (3 subjects):

  • History
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

University Foundation for undergraduates

One-year preparation program is put together for students, who want to start their bachelor degree education in the public universities of Austria. Austrian universities require from already enrolled students’ knowledge of German language and of major subjects.


  • Specialized language program
  • German language exam preparation for a C1 certificate
  • Preparation for major subjects


  • Preparation for the supplementary exams (if needed)
  • German language C1 certificate
  • Certificates in major subjects
Подготовка в вузу Австрии бакалавриат
Pre-bachelor courses
Duration 2 semesters
Start October/March
Workload 30 hours/week
Language of instructions German
Pathway subject mathematics

University Foundation for postgraduates

This preparation program is organized for bachelor graduates, who want to continue studying in Austria for a master’s degree. Purpose of the program is to prepare students for master degree education in the German language, provide them with major language program and get language certificate.

  • Interview preparation
  • Preparation for writing a motivational letter
  • Major preparation for the German language
  • Preparation for language certificate in C1
  • Curriculum for master’s degree study

By applying for admission to economic master programs or English master programs, English language courses are not part of a Foundation course, so they will be charged separately after testing.

Подготовка в вузу Австрии магистратура
Pre-master courses
Duration 2 semesters
Start October/March
Workload 20 hours/week
Requirements bachelor degree
Language of instructions German/English
Exam preparation
Exam preparation

How to apply for admission to an Austrian university and prepare for education?



Educational consultation and testing of the future student. We help to choose university and faculty, give detailed information about deadlines and steps for getting an admission to an Austrian university.


Visa D (if required)

Before starting the preparation program, we help to receive student visa D for 180 days. The visa is issued for 10 days in the Austrian embassy and allows students to start their education even before enrolling in the Austrian university.


University Admission

We help to prepare the complete package of documents and apply to selected university. According to the chosen faculty, the admission period can last to 16 weeks. Students of our foundation course wait for their admission already in Austria.


Foundation Courses

The Foundation course starts twice a year – in October and in March. Each subject has its own weekly test. At the end of each month, there is a control testing. All results are available for parents online.

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