Student’s Budget

How much money a student needs to study in Austria.


Student’s budget for studies in Austria

The most frequently asked questions from international student is “How much money do I need for studies in Austria?” and “Can I work part-time and how much could I earn?”. We have calculated the student’s budget in Austria to give you a complete monthly budget overview and, of course, provide the information about typical students part-time job opportunities and the average wages.

Educational expanses

per month per semester per year
University fees € 1.500
Books € 200

Living expanses

per month per semester per year
Residency rent € 350 € 4.200
Food, allowance € 300 € 3.600
Public transportation € 75 € 150
Mobile phone € 20 € 240

Fixed epxanses

per month per semester per year
Residency permit € 120
Insurance € 60 € 720

Monthly expanses

per month


Part-time job for students

A student’s budget in Austria might seem to be more expanses than in Germany, Czech Republic or Poland. On the other hand, the part-time job is paid a way better in Austria. Studying in Austria international students can work part-time and cover their expanses. In the table bellow you may find the typical jobs for students and the hourly payments.

International students are allowed to work part-time 20 hours per week.

How much a student can earn per hour?

Tutor € 15
Waiter € 12
Pets care € 15
Delivery € 12
Promoter € 10
per hour