Medical Education in Austria

Preparation courses for an entrance examination to medical universities in Austria.
October / March
to 40 classes a week
from € 1.640 in a month


Preparation for medical universities in Austria

The Foundation course prepares Austrian and international students for German language and major subjects for their study at Austrian universities. All international students with need to visit foundation courses after enrolling in the university. We recommend saving the time and to begin with preparation right after finishing school.

Medical Education right after school!

We prepare applicants for admission to medical universities in Austria.
медицинское образование в Австрии

Preparation Program for Medical Education

During this program, students learn chemistry, biology, math, physics, have intensive preparation course for the entrance exam and of course they have German language course of medical nature. Intensive preparation courses are effective for future doctors for entering Austrian medical universities.

Admission to medical universities

For enrolling in the Austrian medical university students need to take an entrance exam, also major subjects’ tests and have German language certificate with level C1. The entrance exam is held simultaneously in all medical universities around Austria, that’s why students can select only one university for applying. With positive results in all major subjects, with C1 German language certificate and positive entrance exams results students can be enrolled in the university.

Admission requirements and deadlines

Applying to medical universities in Austria occurs only once a year. To participate in the entrance exam, you need to register until the 31 March. The exam takes place every first Friday in July, results will be announced in the first week of August, registration in med universities is open till 5th September.

  • Small groups (6-8 students)

  • Constant practice and anchoring of already learned material

  • The possibility of having additional individual classes

  • Support and accompanying by the teacher

  • Simulation of an entrance exam

Classes are taught by teachers with great experience in education. Every week students have been tested and every month they take inner exams. We always control learning achievements and attendance of our students, make reviews and constantly adapt our program according to our students’ needs to prepare them efficiently for an entrance exam. After finishing the program students take an inner test and participate in a simulation of a medical exam.

According to our experience, it is very hard to get admitted to Medical Universities in Austria without required preparation. It is important to be familiar with the structure and be able to withstand the psychological pressure of the eight-hour exam. Medical preparation program as provides students with the academical knowledge, as prepares students in a psychological way. Chances of obtaining admission to Medical University after finishing our Foundation course become much higher.

Public Medical Universities in Austria

The Medical Schools in Austria are at the same time not only universities but also university hospitals. For enrolling in the Austrian medical university students need to take an entrance exam, which lasts 8 hours. The entrance exam is held simultaneously in all medical universities around Austria. The number of places relates to the quota and depends on citizenship. The international students have only 5% of all seats in medical universities, while students from EU have 25% of places. To pass the exam it is important to have thorough and substantial preparation.

Венский медицинский университет
Vienna Med University
City Vienna
Official website
Places Medicine Degree 660
Places Dentistry Degree 80
EU students 25%
International students 5%
Pass mark
High 83%
Медицинский университет в Граце
Med University in Graz
City Graz
Official website
Places Medicine Degree 336
Places Dentistry Degree 24
EU students 25%
International students 5%
Pass mark
Middle 69%
Медицинский университет в Инсбруке
Medical University in Innsbruck
City Innsbruck
Official website
Places Medicine Degree 360
Places Dentistry Degree 40
EU students 25%
International students 5%
Pass mark
Middle 67%
Медицинский университет в Линце
Medical University in Linz
City Linz
Official website
Places Medicine Degree 180
Places Dentistry Degree
EU students 25%
International students 5%
Pass mark
Middle 65%

Preparation program for applying to Medicine Degree

  • Small groups (with max. 10 students)
  • Chemistry, biology, physics, maths
  • German language courses (C1)
  • Medical German language
  • Preparation for the entrance exam
  • Simulation of an entrance exam
  • Attendance & Progress supervision

Medicine Degree (MD – Doctor of Medicine)

MedAustria: Medicine Degree Preparation

Preparation course consists of 4 major subjects, special preparation program in German language and preparation for the entrance exam. The course requires a good command of the German language (B2).

German Language Course (C1)

To begin medicine education in the Austrian university, students need to have German language certificate in level C1. During preparation courses, we pay attention to students’ possibility to freely express individual thoughts and pass the exam to get a language certificate.

Medical German Language Courses

Understanding medical literature and professional texts are one of four parts in the entrance examination. Our students take special medical courses in the German language, learn professional lexicon and train audition of medical terminology.

No prior German knowledge? We teach German

If a student does not have sufficient (or none at all) German knowledge (B2 level), the preparation programme starts with a super-intensive German language courses. In that case, the duration of the programme is entended by one semester.


Preparation for Dentistry Degree Education in Austrian Universities

  • Small groups (with max. 10 students)
  • Chemistry, biology, physics, maths
  • German language course (С1)
  • Medical German language
  • Preparation for the entrance exam
  • Simulation of an entrance exam
  • Practical part ( steel wire forming )

  • Attendance & Progress supervision

Dentistry Degree

MedAustria: Dentistry Degree Preparation

The number of places on the Dentistry Degree Program in the Austrian universities is regulated for international students. Each university enrols not more than 5 international students, students from EU have 25% of places. The student is required to be purposeful and diligent because competition among dentists is ten times higher than on the medical faculty.

The Preparation Program for Dentistry degree is like Medicine Degree Preparation program. The one additional task is practical training to be able to flex and to shape steel wire with special tools.

Экзамен в медицинский вуз тест проволока

Practical task

The task is for checking the student’s ability to form and shape steel wire using the given template. It tests motor skills and physical capacities to put students’ theoretical knowledge in practice.

Psychological preparation

Even though the practical task looks not complicated on its own, it is important to count, that time is restricted. All students have big pressure and think about tasks they’ve already done and tasks they need to do next. The entrance exam checks also the student’s ability to relax, to switch between different tasks and to complete the task in the estimated time.

Entrance exam to Austrian medical universities

  • German language knowledge C1
  • Exam registration till 31 March
  • Exam duration 8 hours
  • Exam date: first Friday of July
  • Only 25% of places for students from EU

  • Only 5% of places for international students

  • Entrance exam fee – €120


The entrance exam in the Austrian medical universities

The entrance exam in medical universities is held once a year and simultaneously in all universities around Austria. The exam lasts 8 hours. Students need to register for the exam till 31 of March and select only one university for applying.

1. Basics of medicine

Test for basic knowledge is a multiple-choice test, what means students need to choose the correct answer from proposed options. This test checks basic school knowledge of students in biology, chemistry, physics, and math.

2. Understanding of medical lexicon and texts

Students read several pages of medical-oriented text and then take a multiple-choice test based on a text’s information.

3. Test of social-emotional part

This test consists of two parts. The knowledge will be tested by choosing one or several correct answers:

  • Recognition of right emotions

This part tests the student’s ability to recognize people’s emotions according to given information about certain situations.

  • Making the right social decisions

Determination student’s skills of setting right priorities according to the given medical-oriented context.

4. Cognitive abilities test

Purpose of this test part is to identify students abilities to evaluate the situation correctly and make the right decisions. The test consists of 5 parts:

  • Combination of geometrical objects

Identification of cognitive, visual, analytical and constructive skills by a combination of different geometrical figures.

  • Memory and comprehension

Determination of cognitive skills by choosing right content through the comprehension of figures, numbers, and words. Reformulation of information through own perception without losing the original meaning.

  • Numerical Series

Testing on the student’s ability to identify the relationship between the numerical series and constitute a logical relationship between them.

  • The causal connection

Determination of student’s ability to draw logical conclusions and predict effects based on the understood statements.

  • Vocabulary

Determination of the students’ ability to freely and variously formulate the gained knowledge.


How to apply to the Medical Foundation?


Educational Counselling

Educational counselling and testing of the future student. We help to choose university and faculty, give detailed information about deadlines and steps for applying to an Austrian university.


Visa D (if required)

Before starting the preparation program, we help to receive student visa D for 180 days. The visa is issued for 10 days in the Austrian embassy and allows students to start their education right in time even before enrolling in the Austrian university.


University Admission

We help to prepare the complete package of documents and apply to selected university. According to the chosen faculty, the admission period can last to 16 weeks. Students of our foundation course wait for their admission already in Austria.


Foundation Course

The Foundation course starts twice a year – in October and in March. Each subject has its own tests every week. At the end of each month, there is a control testing. All results are available for parents online.

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