Academy Policies

  • Mobile phones are not allowed
  • The polices are obligatory for all students

  • A student gets a warming for breaking a rule

  • After 10 warnings a student is suspended from attending the classes

  • The missed classes are not compensated for

  • Repeated suspension leads to expelling a student from the school. The tuition fees are not compensated.

Attendance Policy

Students have to attend all the classes, tests and exams. Additional tests and exams are to be paid extra.
  • The classes are to be attended as per the schedule

  • The attendance list is conducted for each student

  • Students are allowed to attend a class when  late up to 5 minutes.

  • Being late more than 5 minutes, a student is not allowed to attend the class.

  • In case of a missed class, a student is required to provide an written explanation (in English or German), indicating the reasons of the absence.

  • Missing a class due to sickness or bad health, a student must notify the school administration.

  • In case more than 20% of classes are missed, a student is not allowed to sit for a final exam and has to repeat the full block.

  • Missed classes are to be repeated. The school provides crash-courses, which are to be paid separately.

  • Repeating an exam is subject to an extra charge of 25 Euro.

  • The missed classes irrelevant of the reasoning are not compensated by the school.

Supervision and Tuition Quality

To get an admission to exams and get a certificate, students have to visit more than 80% of all the lessons and have the positive results for all internal exams.
  • Students get homework for each subject every day.

  • Homework fulfilling is obligatory.

  • Homeworks are corrected every day, and marks are assigned in the report card of a student.

  • Every Friday students have an obligatory weekly testing of learned material in each subject. In case of absence during the test, it will be conducted additionally. The price for the repeated test is 25 euros for each skipped testing.

  • At the end of each month, students take an obligatory internal exam in each subject. In case of absence during the internal exam, the student is not allowed to participate in next lessons. The price for the repeated internal exam is 25 euros.

  • At the end of each semester, students take the end exams (in January and May). Students get admission to the session only after positive results of all the tests during the semester.

  • In case of negative results, the student can not take part in the exams and have to take an additional course. All the additional courses are paid separately, the price of each repeated exam is 25 euros.

  • Students get admission to the commission exams if they have 70% on internal exams. Students, who have not achieved 70%, are not allowed to take commission exams and do not get certification of a Foundation course. In that case, the students are offered to participate in an additional crash course for anchoring already learned material. The course and repeated exam are paid separately.