German language courses in Austria

Intensive German language courses in Austria for any age, for any level, from a beginner to С1
to 40 classes a week
German / English
from € 525 a month

SALLS Academy

German language courses in Austria

Intensive and Super-Intensive German language courses in Austria, for any age, for any level – from a beginner to advanced learners ( from A1 to C1). German language courses and certificate for Austrian, German and Swiss universities.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

We will help you to speak and to think in German!
Преподаватель немецкого языка
Vanessa Kinz
German language teacher

German Language Courses

Classic and intensive German courses from 4 to 8 lessons per day from Monday to Thursday. Minimal duration of one course is limited with 4 weeks, what is about 80 and 144 academic hours per month. Duration of an academic hour is 45 minutes.

Fun & Extra activities

Every Friday our students take part in cultural-educational programs (4 lessons). The purpose of this program is to provide students with practical knowledge in the German language. Lessons are divided into grammar, listening, reading and language practice.

Accreditation & Licenses

The German Language Academy – SALLS Academy – is accredited ÖSD and ÖIF language school. All teachers are native German speakers, have higher pedagogical education and are for ÖSD and ÖIF accredited.

Fun, Extra activities and Cultural programme

This program takes place every Friday and is mandatory for every student. Duration of the program is 4 lessons. The purpose is to put on practice the German knowledge students have learned earlier during the Foundation course. For our students we organize excursions in Vienna, sightseeing, cultural actions, visiting of Opera House in Vienna, theaters, exhibitions, sports centers, lectures in the universities and film viewing in German language and much more.

Books and media library

All classrooms are equipped with TV screens and cable television with 400 channels in German and English languages. The media library with a big collection of tutorials and audio materials in the German language is also available for our students. In school, there are iPads, Apple TV, and free WIFI.

Native speakers

All lessons are taught only by native German speakers in small groups. Our teachers have ÖSD and ÖIF accreditation. Lessons for levels A1 and A2 are taught by one teacher and starting with the level B1, lessons are divided between two teachers to let students learn the German language more efficiently and learn different teaching methods.

Personal training

Our cultural and entertainment program and master classes are organized by professional teachers and trainers.

The German Language Academy – SALLS Academy – is accredited ÖSD and ÖIF language school. We offer preparation for ÖSD and ÖIF exams, organize exams and issue ÖSD and ÖIF certificates. These certificates are recognized across the world by any educational and professional institutions. The valid period for ÖSD is two years. The valid period of ÖIF certificate hasn’t any restrictions. Exams take place every month.

Online German language test

You can identify your German proficiency level right now by taking an online test. Tasks are very easy, you just need to try. This test can give you information about our interactive education system. We have produced more than 100 tests variations for German language from level A1 to C2.

Language level А2
Duration 40 minutes
Number of questions 40

Results are available right after testing. If you’ve got more than 60%, congratulations, you were great by taking your first exam! Good luck!

Online Test
Курсы немецкого языка в Австрии
Duration: 4 weeks
Workload: 20 hours/week
Levels: A1 – B2
Классический курс немецкого языка
Duration: 4 weeks
Workload: 30 hours/week
Levels: A1 – B2
индивидуальный немецкий язык
Duration: 4 weeks
Workload: 10 hours/week
Levels: A1 – B2

The course fees include

German language courses
Language placement test
SALLS Academy certificate
Meet & Greet (from 9 am to 5 pm)
Assistance & Supervision (from 9 am to 5 pm)
Vienna travel guide
Media library access
Free WiFi
4 lessons of the cultural program
Fun programme in Vienna

Residencies for Students

  • Ultra-comfortable students recidencies

  • Double or single room appartment

  • Apartment size – 16 to 30 sqm

  • Fully furnished accommodations

  • Fitness room, learning lounge, bicycle garage

  • Free WIFI
per week

Additional charges

ÖSD language certificate € 165
Visa support assistance € 100
DHL delivery € 80
Change of booking € 65
Airport transfer (one way) € 50
Residency check-in (non-business hours) € 95
Deposit (refundable) € 150
Public transportation € 18
Breakfast € 75 / week
Half-board € 165 / week
Local SIM-Card € 25 / week
Health insurance € 20 / week
Personal expenses € 90 / week

Arrival and departure dates

German language courses schedule

Language courses start each month all year around. Beginning of language courses is always on the first Monday of each month. Summer language courses start every two weeks.
June 2018
Sun, 03.06.2018
Sun, 17.06.2018
Mon, 04.06.2018
Mon, 18.06.2018
Fri, 15.06.2018
Fri, 29.06.2018
Sat, 16.06.2018
Sat, 30.06.2018
July 2018
Sun, 01.07.2018
Sun, 15.07.2018
Mon, 02.07.2018
Mon, 16.07.2018
Fri, 13.07.2018
Fri, 27.07.2018
Sat, 14.07.2018
Sat, 28.07.2018
August 2018
Sun, 05.08.2018
Sun, 19.08.2018
Mon, 06.08.2018
Mon, 20.08.2018
Fri, 17.08.2018
Fri, 30.08.2018
Sat, 18.08.2018
Fri, 31.08.2018

Daily Timetable

Language courses run every day from Monday to Thursday. On Friday all groups participate in the obligatory cultural and entertaining program (4 lessons). On local public holidays language courses are not taken.

Intensive German Courses

Super-Intensive Courses

Morning courses
4 classes
Morning courses
Part 1: 4 classes
Noon courses
4 classes
Noon courses
Part 2: 4 classes
Evening courses
4 classes

How to choose the right German language course?


Take a language placement test

Initial testing to determine the level of proficiency and ensure students’ registration for the appropriate course.


Choose the right workload

Selection of an appropriate German language course (workload and duration) according to desired purposes of the student.


Apply for a visa

Depending on the duration of the German language course, we apply for a short or long-term visa to Austria.


Start your classes

Arrival in Vienna, meeting in the airport, accommodation, acquaintance with group and teacher. Start of courses.


Enjoy fun & extra activities

Making acquaintance with Vienna, universities, student campus, sport and cultural program.


Get a language certificate

Weekly testing and monthly exams. Taking an exam for an international German language certificate.

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