Legalization and translation of documents for the Austrian universities

Educational documents (secondary school certificate or diploma) need to have an apostille, be translated and notarized. Only correctly legalized and translated documents can be submitted to the Austrian university. Documents of some countries require full legalization (in the Austrian consulate). In this section, we provide you with the list of countries and types of legalization with a full description of the process.

All educational documents need to have an apostille, be translated into German language and be notarized!

Legalization of educational documents

  • Apostille

The original documents should be marked with the stamp “Apostille” by Ministry of Education and Science. This stamp confirms the authenticity and legitimacy of the document around the world. The procedure is that the Ministry of Education and Science makes a request in the educational institute, where the document was issued. The educational institute checks in the archive the extradition of the submitted document and confirms the fact of the student’s education. After receiving the positive answer, the Ministry of Education and Science marks the original document with the stamp “Apostille”. After that procedure, the educational documents is valid around the world.

The Apostille can be stamped only in the countries, which signed the Hague Convention: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.

  • The consular legalization

For the consular legalization the documents should be notarized in the Ministry of Education and Science, and also in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, all the educational documents are submitted to the consulate or the embassy of Austria for the final checking. The consular legalization is required for Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The Austrian embassy in Moscow is responsible for the consular legalization of the documents, issued in Uzbekistan. And the Austrian embassy in the Astana is responsible for documents from Tadgikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Translation of the educational documents

After the legalization, all the educational documents should be translated into the German or English language. The Austrian universities are very precise about the quality of the translation, and some universities accept only the translations done by Austrian court interpreters. For the smooth enrollment process, we recommend to take advantage of Austrian court interpreters and do not use the services of local translation agencies.

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