Prices & Fees

The prices and fees for services, programmes and language courses in Austria

We offer the all-inclusive range of educational services for the most affordable price. The price quality ration for the language courses and pre-university courses is unbeatable. We listen to our clients and constantly improve our services, to make sure our students could focus on their studies and get the best education in Europe.

The educational center offer a wide range of educational services in Austria – starting from counselling, assistance with documents and university admission, booking a place in a students residence, assisting with relocation to Austria, meet and greet services and supporting during the whole period of studies in Austria.

Special Offer

The promotion is valid till 30 of May 2019.


University and a degree course

  • Educational counselling

  • Career counselling

  • University and degree course


University Admission Assistance

  • Assistance with documents

  • Assistance with a university application

  • University admission assistance


Student Visa

  • Assistance with a student visa

  • Meet & greet in Austria

  • Registration, guidance in Austria


Studies Begin

  • University registration

  • Registration for courses

  • Supervision during the studies

Study in Austria | € 975
Подготовка в ВУЗам Австрии
Higher Education
  • Educational counselling

  • Documents preparation guidance

  • University admission assistance

  • University registration

  • Registration for coures

Стоимость среднее образование в Австрии
Secondary Education
  • Assistance with choosing a school

  • Guided school visits

  • Interview with a school principal

  • School registration

  • Campus placement

Виза и внж в Австрии
Visa & Residency
  • Assistance with documents

  • Assistance with a visa application

  • Meet and greet in Austria

  • Registration assistance

  • Assistance with a residency permit


Fees for the pre-university courses

  • required language level B1

  • mini-groups of 6-8 participants

  • Pathway subjects + German (B2 + C1)

  • exam preparation courses

  • control and supervision

per month

Fees for the university foundation programme in Austria

The university foundation courses are focused, intensive and highly efficient

Choosing a university foundation programme is the right way to get prepared for the universities studies and get all the assistance with university and career counselling, choose the right university and a degree programme, get an assistance with the university admission, book a place in a students residence, get guidance with the visa application and relocation to Austria for studies. All the students undergo an intensive German language and pathway subjects training. Upon completion students continue their studies in the chosen public university.

The faculty is devoted to prepare the students for studies in Austrian universities. We prepare students language and subjects wise for the university studies, as well as conduct language exams for international students. Our students sit for the exam only after successfully passing of internal exams.

Подготовка к бакалавриату в Австрии
Foundation for undergraduates
  • Student visa assistance
  • German language courses

  • Pathway subjects

per month
Цена подготовка к магистратуре в Австрии
Foundation for postgraduates
  • Student visa assistance

  • German language courses

  • Specialised language training

per month
цена медицинская подготовка в Австрии
Medicine Foundation
  • Student visa assistance

  • Pathway subjects

  • Entrance exam preparation

per month

Fees for German language Courses

  • German language placement test

  • Mini-groups of 6-8 participants

  • 4 to 8 classes per day

  • Excursions and activities

  • German language certificate

per month

Fees for German language courses in Austria

Focused and effective German language courses in Vienna

All the German language tutors are native-speakers, who have ÖSD and ÖIF accreditation. Our methods of teaching allow students to get into the German language atmosphere during the courses. The students enjoy a tuition in very small focused groups and the prices are the most affordable in Vienna.

Basic German courses
German language courses
Classic € 525 / month
Intensive € 995 / month
Exam ÖSD (B1 – C1) € 160
Individual € 60 / hour
German for University € 2.640 / semester
Group language trips from € 447 / week
Языковые курсы в Австрии дополнительные расходы
Extra fees and charges
Registration € 150
Visa assistance € 100
School materials € 30
Breakfast € 75 / week
Half-board € 165 / week
Transfer € 75