Secondary education in Austria. High school studies in Austria

Secondary Education in Austria

Secondary education in Austria

Public school education in Austria is free of charge. The language of instructions in the public schools is German, but in the most of the special and prestigious public schools, children learn additionally English and other foreign languages.

  • Primary school

First four classes are a primary school. After four school years, children have exams, which determine if the child can learn in the gymnasium or will continue its education in the vocational school.

  • Gymnasium

In the gymnasium, the class numeration starts with 1 class. The education lasts 8 years and is finished in the 8th class. For being enrolled in the high classes of gymnasium (from 5 to 8 class) the German language knowledge on the B2 level is required. After finishing the gymnasium and getting Matura, it is possible to apply to university.

Secondary school information
Tuition fee free
Language of instruction German
Language requirements А2
Guardian required
Accommodation not given
Application 6 – 12 months in advance
Interview usually
Certificate matura
per year

Advantages of secondary education in Austria

  • free education (€ 0 per year)
  • education in 2-3 languages
  • enrollment without German language proficiency
  • strong specialized preparation
  • education recognition in the whole world
  • enrollment in the universities without exams

Secondary schools specializations in Austria

Children go to the Austrian school when they are six years old, the obligatory duration of education is 9 years. But after 4th class children (and their parents) select another school. Not far ago new schools have been opened in Austria (Neue Mittelschule), education there lasts from 1st to 12th class. Children get a lot of freedom for creativity, but also much more of responsibility.

  • Linguistic

In the linguistic schools, children learn three languages, and also latin. After school ending children freely speak foreign languages. The most schools offer the following languages to choose from: French, Italian, Chinese, Arab and Russian.

  • Medical

If you are planning to connect your child’s life with medicine, such schools are right for you. Children have intensive classes in chemistry and biology. Schools are specially equipped for chemistry and biology lessons. A lot of time is used for practical education and experiments. After finishing a medical gymnasium, the graduates take perfectly their entrance exams in the medical universities.

  • Musical

If your child does not have Van Gogh’s ear for music and is passionate about it than the Viennese music schools is the right choice for you. Vienna is the city of music and students from all over the world are coming here to get the best musician education in the world. Education in the music schools is offered in different subjects: vocal, piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, and saxophone.

  • Choreography

The choreography is one else direction of the Austrian gymnasiums. Children learn as in the school, as in the Viennese Opera House. If you see your child exactly in the ballet, you can bring your child to the dance school. For school enrollment the exam for overall physical fitness takes place.

  • Technical

That is a classic physic-maths education. Children put main attention during the education in physics and maths. But unlike theoretical education, we are familiar with, children are taught to put the learned knowledge into practice. The physics and computer laboratories are literally equipped as the cosmic ships. After finishing technical gymnasiums children continue their education in technic and economic universities in Austria and Europe.

  • Art

Artistic specialization represents the drawing. In the schools, a lot of time is used for drawing and development of a child’s creativity. To be enrolled in such schools, children have to take artistic exams and present their portfolio of drawings. After finishing the art school, children students usually continue their education on the architecture faculty or in the Academy of Arts.

Accommodation for Austrian schools’ students

  • Central location
  • Single or twin rooms
  • Full board
  • Monthly payment
  • Price: € 435 per month

Services for enrollment in the public schools of Austria

We select the school and accommodation, organize the visit and interview with the director. We assist with documents preparation and enrollment in the secondary school in Austria

  • Counseling and school selection
  • Organization and visiting of 2-3 schools
  • School excursion and interview with the director
  • Preparation of documents for enrollment
  • Organization of accommodation
  • Assistance with guardianship

We prepare children for the German language before the learning process, and also we can assist with guardianship for your child for all the whole period of your child’s education in Austria.

Questions and answers about secondary school education in Austria

Is the secondary school education really free of charge?

Yes, the secondary school education is free of charge. Additionally are paid the trips outside the city, excursions and learning books. You pay only for accommodation and personal expenses. The price of living in the residence with full-board is about €400-500 in a month. The payments are taken from the bank account.

What schools can I give a child to?

We select several schools according to many factors, such as skills, marks, foreign languages proficiency and child’s age. After selecting the schools, we organize the visiting of the schools and acquaintance with them.

Could you give a list of schools and their addresses?

We do not give a list of schools. We select the schools according to the child’s skills and goals. You can not choose a school, where you will learn. The school will choose you on the base of child’s marks, recommendations, interview with the director and foreign languages proficiency. That is why we select 2-3 schools for you. During your journey, you can visit the schools and make acquaintance with the administration.

What is required for applying to the Austrian gymnasium?

At first, it is important to fill the application form in advance (6-12 months ahead of time). In the prestigious schools there is a waiting list, so to get a place in such a school is the same as to win the lottery. Next, you will need: marks for the last three classes, school teachers recommendations and language preparational courses.

We have acquaintances in Austria, can they act as guardians?

Certainly! But you should count the fact, that the school director and residence director and all the migration offices would like to get know the guardian. The guardian should be present at all school meetings, be available and sign all the documents on behalf of the parents. If the child got ill, the guardian should come to school, take the child and bring him to the doctor or home. If the guardian is not available at any time, the child will be expelled from the school.

We would like to choose the school by ourselves, is it possible?

Of course, you can choose any private school. The tuition fee in the private secondary schools starts at 25 thousand euro. To choose and to enter the public school is not as easy, as it can seem at the first view. There are a lot of pitfalls the parents come across when they try to apply to an Austrian gymnasium by themselves. We do not even speak about accommodation, guardianship, residence permit and preparation for secondary school education. We have 20 years experience in assistance with applying to secondary schools in Austria and that is why we offer our help to you.

Is it really possible to enter a university without language proficiency?

Oh, yes, it is! You can get a place in the secondary or higher school without German language proficiency. All students get a status as distance students, which means, they have 2 years to learn the German language. But after that time you will need to catch up and to pass all the missed subjects. That is why we recommend to start super intensive German language courses at our SALLS Academy and continue to have an additional course during the year.



We conduct a detailed counseling about the secondary school education in Austria. We highlight the advantages and compare education in Austria with other countries. We make acquaintance with parents, child and their goals. At the end of the counseling, we choose several schools for visiting.


School selection and visiting

You need to send the required documents for interview and school visiting:

  • photo
  • passport copy
  • CV, certificates, awards and portfolio (for artistic and musical direction)
  • marks for two last school years
  • preferably 1-2 recommendation letters from teachers

Based on the documents we decide about the school, organize the visiting and the interview with the school director. Separately we give you information about accommodation varieties for your child and visit several residences. Each residence’s director conducts an obligatory acquaintance interview before school enrollment. Date and time will be agreed upon after signing of the contract and paying service deposit.


Documents preparation

After school visiting and getting a preliminary response, we begin the preparing the documents for school enrollment. All the documents have to be legalized and translated in the German language. The complete packet of documents will be submitted to the school administration for getting an admission letter.


Guardianship contract conclusion

To confirm the place and to get an admission letter in the secondary school, it is required to have a guardian in Austria. Parents have to prepare a power of attorney on the guardian by the notary and provide with it the school and residence, where the child will live.


Secondary school admission

By submitting the prepared documents, the confirmation of guardianship it to the school and residence, we get the school admission and the place confirmation in the residence. After that, it is time to prepare documents for applying for the residence permit in Austria.


Language training for school

To save time after the school year started we recommend to begin the super intensive German language course in our academy. The better the child speaks German, the easier the adaptation period in Austria and the education start will be.

опекунство в Австрии

Guardian in Austria

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Guardianship in Austria
студенческие общежития в Австрии

Students Residency

  • Residency Application

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Students Residency
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Residence Permit In Austria

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