Booking a place in a students dormitory in Austria

Selecting and booking a place in the students dormitories in Austria according to student’s savings and priorities.

Austrian universities don’t offer accommodation for students. This sector belongs to private and parastatal organizations.

We’ll choose an excellent and budget-friendly dorm for you!

During the counseling, we will tell you about the living conditions in the Austrian dormitories. We will explain the realities and main terms of students’ living in Austria and will recommend the most interesting possibilities of accommodation.

бронирование проживания в Автсрии
  • Looking for accommodation
  • Booking a place
  • Explanation of contract terms
  • Contract signing
  • Awarding of contract

Place in a students residency in Austria

To book a place in the students residency in Austria, students are required to pay an administration fee, deposit, and rent for the first month. Only after the dormitory receives the money, you will get a booking confirmation, a signed contract and your place in the dormitory is reserved for you.

Paper handling € 20
Booking fee € 80
Final cleaning € 80
Deposit € 1.100
Annual fee € 50
Rent € 350 – 650
Student Dormitories
студенческие общежития в Австрии

University Admission

  • University and Degree Course

  • Application Assistance

  • Enrolment in the University

University Admission
студенческая виза в Австрию

Residence Permit In Austria

  • Visa Counselling

  • Documents Guidance

  • Residency Permit Assistance

Student visa
переезд и регистрация в Австрии

Moving To Austria

  • Meet & Greet in Austria

  • Registration in Austria
  • Residency Permit Assistance

Relocating to Austria