Guardianship for minors in Austria

Minor school or university students need a guardian in Austria. He acts as a parent and is responsible for the child in the country.

Guardianship is a hard and demanding job. Having a guardian is required for getting admission to the middle school, for getting a place in the dormitory, for opening a bank account, for taking out an insurance and of course for receiving a residence permit. The guardian represents the interests of your child and is responsible for your child before the Austrian public authorities.

The Guardian is a person, who represents interests of your child and is responsible for your child in Austria!

We offer the guardianship service to our clients, who apply to Austrian universities with our help. This role is taken by the responsible supervisor after a personal meeting with parents and child.

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Guardianship for minors

  • Who needs a guardianship service?

Underaged school and university students need a guardian for living in Austria. The guardian is a person, who is authorized to make legal and administrative decisions on behalf of the parents. The guardian is needed until the student has reached 18 years old. The presence of the guardian is required for application to middle school and for receiving a residence permit.

  • To whom we offer the guardianship service?

We offer the guardianship service to our clients only. If you apply to university with our help or visit our Foundation course, we would be glad to offer this service to you. The decision makes the guardian after a personal meeting with parents and students.

The guardian’s responsibilities

The guardian’s responsibilities contain taking care of daily matters and organizing of child’s learning process in Austria. The reconciliation of curriculum, control of learning achievements and attendance and report for parents, visiting of parents’ meetings, decision-making on behalf of the child agreed with parents and their coordination with the school because the guardian is responsible only for representative and organizational functions.

  • Representing of student’s and parents’ interests
  • Learning achievements and attendance control
  • Visiting of parents’ meetings
  • Child’s arrival and departure coordination
  • Calling an Ambulance or Doctor
  • Help with taking care of daily matters
  • Sending reports to parents

Additional costs

Time for supervising, for control and for learning organization is included in the price of guardianship. The guardian spends 10 hours in a month for fulfillment of its responsibilities and upon the request of the parents represents the reports on the done work.

Additional time and costs requiring urgency (e.g. night ride on a taxi, accompanying a child to the airport, paying for accompanying by boarding an airplane) are paid separately.

Additional time € 40/hour
Calling outside of business hours € 80/hours
Accompanying to the airport € 135
Meeting and boarding an aircraft € 125
Taxi-ride on call according to the bill

Child’s and parents’ responsibilities

Also, the parents have some responsibilities to fulfill. They need to inform the guardian about their actions, plans, and decisions related to their child’s presence and study in Austria. The child should keep the guardian in touch about its own plans and actions.

The timely manner of a guardian is the main responsibility of parents!

Students may leave school residence only after the guardian’s permit (is coordinated with parents). Parents also need to inform the guardian about their decision to take the child from the residence or from school. This requirement is set in all schools and residences in Austria, so the guardian needs to inform the school or residence administration in a written form about the child’s absence in ahead of time.


Application form

The first step of the guardianship service is the filling in the application form by the child’s parents. The documents processing takes up to 5 business days. To register the request the following documents are required:

  • passport copy and photo
  • marks of the two last years at school
  • teacher’s recommendation from the child’s school
  • a medical report proving he/she does not suffer from any illnesses (including chronic diseases)
  • child’s certificate of vaccinations



During the counseling, we make connections with family and child, test his language knowledge and have small talks to know more about the child and find out his interests. We explain the responsibilities of the guardian and the rights and duties of the parents. The purpose of the counseling is getting a subjective picture of a child’s upbringing and education to make the right decision about the possibility of offering the guardianship service.

  • Making the acquaintance of the child and parents
  • Language and psychological testing of the child
  • The explanation of the rights and duties of guardian, parents, and child


Contract signing

After making a positive decision by parents and the guardian, we sign a service contract, which contains information about all the rights and duties of the guardian and the parents. The contract is signed with a minimum term for 6 months. In the case when the documents will be submitted to the migration office or educational institute the minimum term is one year.


Executing of the power of attorney

Following the contract signing and service payment, the next step is executing the power of attorney for a guardian on behalf of the parents (we provide you with the templates). The copies of the executed power of attorney we submit to school, residence or dormitory, and also to migration office for receiving a residence permit.


Support in Austria

After applying for a residence permit and arrival of the student to Austria, the guardian assumes his responsibilities. He keeps the school, residence, and parents in touch, taking care of daily matters connected with living and studying of the child in Austria.

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