Meet & Greet in Austria

We help our students with moving to Austria, with executions of all necessary documents, with checking in at the university, with receiving of needed confirmations and with receiving a residence permit.

We recommend you to come to us for getting detailed counseling and qualification help while your moving process to Austria. When you come to us for help, you need to execute the power of attorney for one of our responsible manager, who will help with solving a lot of organizational matters connected with your moving process, in advance, and without your presence.

To get this service you need to be in possession of the following documents:

  • Admission to an Austrian university
  • A one-year contract with a student dormitory

If you don’t have these documents yet, we will help you to apply to an Austrian university and offer you accommodation in one of the student dormitories. We provide a wide spectrum of educational services and by ordering a full-service packet you will save your time, mental health and money.

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Регистрация в Австрии
  • Meet & Greet in Austria

  • Students Residency check-in

  • University and Foundation Registration

  • Health Insurance Application

  • Bank Account Opening

  • Residency Permit Application



Meet & Greet in Austria

After receiving visa D, we decide on your arrival day to Austria. Our manager organizes a meeting with a student at the airport or railway station. We organize a transfer service and meet you in Vienna.


Students Residency Check-in

After your arriving, our employee meets you at the airport and helps with accommodation. Together we control the condition of the room, write down and sign the protocol, and fill in all the necessary documents for registration in Austria. If you arrive on the weekend or outside of the business hours, we will receive the key for your room in advance. We will help with an Internet connection, with a public transport ticket and with the first call to your parents.

Student dormitories


Registration in Austria

The registration in Austria should be done among three days after student’s arriving in Austria. After control of room’s condition and filling in all the necessary documents, we accompany you to the registration office. The registration is the mandatory document for all the upcoming steps in Austria.


University Registration

Our employee accompanies you to the university and helps to get the check in. The admissions committee controls again all originals of your education documents. We accompany you, help with getting a student card and a confirmation for inscription in the preparation courses for the selected faculty.

Universities in Austria


University Foundation Courses

If you don’t know the German language, or your admission letter contains information about additional subjects, we will help you to choose public or private preparation courses. The inscription in the courses is offered only for one week in a semester, that’s why it is important to consider the date of your arrival. The process of inscription takes a lot of time because there is a restricted number of places and a lot of students, who want to get it.

University Foundation Courses


Health Insurance

The insurance in Austria is mandatory and is one of the conditions for receiving a residence permit. After university inscription and getting a confirmation, we help our students to take out the public insurance (WGKK). If you arrived with private insurance, which we’ve taken out for applying for a residence permit, you won’t need a public insurance.


Opening a Bank Account

Each student needs a bank account. First, it is convenient for shopping, second, the migration office will require a confirmation from your Austrian bank account. Students (to 30 years) have their bank accounts for free. We help to open an account in Bank Austria, Erste Bank or Raiffeisen Bank, get a debit card and also help with using the online bank system.


Residence Permit Application

When the documents are collected, we check the full packet and accompany you to the central migration office to receive a residence permit. After getting the residence permit card you can be in Austria and EU for 365 days in a year. Student residence permit needs to be prolonged once a year based on your examination results on the courses or in the university.

студенческие общежития в Австрии

University Admission

  • University and Degree Course

  • Application Assistance

  • Enrolment in the University

University Admission
студенческие общежития в Австрии

Students Residency

  • Residency Application

  • Room Reservation

  • Contract Assistance

Students Residency
студенческая виза в Австрию

Residence Permit In Austria

  • Visa Counselling

  • Documents Guidance

  • Residency Permit Assistance

Student visa