Getting admission to an Austrian public university

We guide students with getting all the documents prepared as per university requirements. We assist with university applications to public universities in Austria. Helping international students to achieve their goal and get a place in an Austrian public university is our specialisation.

We provide detailed educational information and professional counselling on getting admission to public universities in Austria. During the interview, a counsellor can pinpoint student’s interest and help with choosing the right university together with a degree programme. International student are eligible to apply for university studies right after the higher education in their home country. The finals as well as grades average are not taken into account when applying for a higher education in Austria. The most remarkable und unique feature though is, that applicants are not required to have any prior knowledge of German in order to apply for a university. The German language tuition will start when in the country, at the same time, a student has a guaranteed place in the university.

Educational counselling 2 hours
Documents preparation 4 weeks
Application processing from 2 to 12 weeks

Once a student is enrolled, we book a place in a student residence and assist with student visa application (if visa is required). Our visa officers support students during the process of the visa application, assisting with the documents preparation and visa application process. International students, who enjoy visa free entry, are eligible to apply for a student residency upon arrival to Austria. When in Austria we help with the university formalities and register a student for a language or a pre-university courses.

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Поступить в ВУЗ Австрии
  • Registration
  • Consultation
  • Documents’ preparation
  • Applying for admission to university
  • Enrolling in the university
  • Dorm room reservation
  • Residence permit
  • University registration
  • Pre-university registration
  • Support during the studies

Admission Requirements

  • High school certificate with grades

  • Apostille with a translation of educational documents
  • Valid passport (at least for 18 months)
  • Standard photo ( 3×4 ) in JPEG format

You are NOT required to

  • sit for an entrance exam

  • have good grades average

  • have finals exams

  • have prior knowledge of German


Online Application

To enrol in Austrian university, the first step is to get registered online, fill-in the application form and specify your contact information. You can choose a degree course (or even courses) while feeling in the application form. Actually, you can add as many courses as you wish.

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Educational Counselling

We are excited to help you out and provide educational counselling for applicant free of charge. Feel free to contact us via Skype, WhatsApp, just use the phone or simply drop by to our local office. It is our priority to provide students and parents with the full overview, what to expect from the higher education in Austria. We go through all the details, discussing available universities and degree courses, paying extra attention to the admission requirements, as well as to the required documents and, of course, deadlines. By the end of the counselling, we choose a degree courses and the university, as to applicants preferences and the educational profile.

Universities and Degree Courses


Required Documents

Following the contract signing we are proceeding the preparation of documents for the university. Our educational manager consults, accompanies and reviews the documents. Our purpose is to avoid possible mistakes in the preparation and submit a complete packet of documents for the selected university. The preparation period is about 2 – 6 weeks. At the same time, we prepare accompanying documents for our part.

Required documents for admission


Submitting the Application

As soon as documents are collected and verified, we create a student profile in the university and submit the complete packet of documents in the selected university. Received confirmation from the university will be sent to you. According to the selected university, the admission period varies between 2 and 12 weeks.


University Admission

Following the place confirmation in the university and getting the admission, we send all the documents to our student. The University admission can be used as deferment of a call-up for military service. In the case of necessity to submit the documents for the military committee we help to execute and translate all necessary documents. Translation and legalization services are charged supplementary.


Student Residency

To begin studying in Austria it is important to find some living place. A one-year contract for accommodation in one of the Austrian dorms is also on the list of the required documents for residence permit application. We provide our students with rooms for one or two in Viennese dorms according to students’ needs, lifestyle and budget. To confirm reservation, it is necessary to pay a registration fee of the dorm, rental security deposit and rent for next three months. After payment students get the contract for accommodation in the selected dorm.

Residencies for students


Residency Permit

The university admission and confirmation of accommodation are sufficient for applying documents for student residence permit in Austria. Our visa support employees conduct a consultation, help with filling the forms and help to apply documents in the Austrian embassy or Austrian migration office (MA35).

Residency permit requirements


Registration In University And In Other State Bodies In Austria

We help our students after they’ve come to Austria, to register in the selected university and get a student ID. We help to choose public or private prep courses, we support and accompany our students, help to get registered, to open a bank account and to get a governmental medical insurance. Our supervisor supports students and helps with getting all the needed papers in Austria.

Deadlines for registration in the universities


Support During The Study Period In Austria

While moving to Austria, as any other new country, students get a lot of questions. Especially for that, we have educational seminars and support for students in Austria. We accompany our students during all their study time in the country, always try to give any advice, consult on educational and daily questions.

студенческие общежития в Австрии

Students Residency

  • Residency Application

  • Room Reservation

  • Contract Assistance

Students Residency
студенческая виза в Австрию

Residence Permit In Austria

  • Visa Counselling

  • Documents Guidance

  • Residency Permit Assistance

Student visa
переезд и регистрация в Австрии

Moving To Austria

  • Meet & Greet in Austria

  • Registration in Austria
  • Residency Permit Assistance

Relocating to Austria