Student visa (residency permit)

We help with preparation of needed documents and with applying of the complete packet of documents for the student visa to the Austrian embassy.

Our visa support employees conduct a detailed consult about the preparation and applying for a student visa to Austria. We analyze your situation and help with collecting correct documents for applying for a visa to the Austrian embassy. We have 20 years experience in preparation and getting a visa for Austria, so you can be sure about the positive result of our work.

Applying for residence permit consists of three stages: submission of documents to visa centers, applying for visa D and applying for residence permit. We save your time and money!

We accompany our clients to the consulate, and after getting a positive answer help with preparation of all the documents when already in Austria. Applying for residence permit consists of three stages: applying for a residence permit, getting visa D after a positive answer from the migration office in Austria and then getting a residence permit already after arriving in the country. Coming to us for some help, you save not only your money but also a lot of mental health.

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Residency Permit for Students

If the educational period is more than 180 days a year, students need to apply for a residence permit. The list of documents for visa D and for a residence permit is the same. The difference is only in the amount of money needed to present to the consulate.

Visa Application personally
Visa duration 1 year
Visa Processing up to 6 months
Visa re-newal yes


Visa and Residency Permit Counselling

The full packet of documents can seem very simple, but that is only the first misleading impression. There are no similar situations as similar documents, which means, there are no same decisions. We have 20 years experience of working with all kinds of visas to Austria. Before starting the applying procedure and decide on visa questions, we conduct detailed visa counseling, analyze your situation and documents. We discuss all possibilities and risks, and if we take up the case, it means the positive result.


Preparation and checking the documents

After signing a contract for visa support and paying for the service, we start the preparation of documents. The university admission is the ground for getting a residence permit (read as Enrolment in the Austrian Universities)). Our specialists explain in any detail each point in the list of needed documents, paying attention on the way how to receive the concrete document. We give templates and samples of correct documents in the format, which is needed for consulate employees. If you do not want to waste your time collecting and preparing all the documents, we can execute the power of attorney and take over the process of visa documents’ preparation (is paid separately).

Required Documents for Visa D and Student Residency Permit

  • Application form for visa D
  • 2 photos (3×4)
  • Admission to the university or registration on preparation courses
  • Confirmation of accommodation for the visa period
  • Copies of ALL passport pages
  • Confirmation of registration
  • Сonfirmation of the absence of criminal records (not older than 1 month)
  • Medical insurance (from 30.000 euros)
  • Bank statement for more than 10.000€
  • Sponsorship letter (from one of the parents)
  • Sponsorship letter-confirmation
  • Passport copy of sponsor
  • Reference from the place of sponsor’s work
  • Certificate of credit absence


Applying for a Residency Permit

Documents are submitting to the consulate department of Austria, after detailed checking (for Ukranian citizens all documents are submitting to central migration office in Vienna). Visa office returns back the passport because consideration time can take up to 6 months. We execute the power of attorney for representing your interests in the consulate and in the migration office (MA35) in Austria. You can be sure, that migration service won’t forget about you, so you receive your residence permit in the shortest time.


Submitted documents won’t be considered by the consulate department, and will be sent to the migration office in Austria (MA35) with the diplomatic post. This process takes up to two weeks. If there is a mistake in the documents, migration office will send a notification to you but through the consulate, what take again from 1 to 2 weeks. After receiving renewed documents consulate sends them again to Austria migration office. That way students can loose more than a month for correcting of mistakes. At the same time, by having a responsible person in Austria (us), you save your time, because of migration office contacts us in Vienna.

Study Visa D

Study visa D is issued by the Austrian consulate department for students, who visit courses from 90 to 180 days. This visa can be issued only once a year and cannot be prolonged.

Submission of forms personal
Expiration date from 90 to 180 days
Consideration time 10 days
Possibility of prolongation no

Visa D for a Residency Permit

This type of visa D is issued during 2-3 days period for students, who’ve received a positive answer for a residence permit from the migration office in Austria (MA35). The expiration date of visa D is 120 days.

Submission of forms personal
Expiration date 120 days
Consideration time 2–3 days
Possibility of prolongation yes

Required Documents for a Residency Permit in Austria

  • Confirmation of checking in at the university
  • Confirmation of checking in at the courses
  • Copy of a registration in Austria
  • Copy of visa D (issued by consulate)
  • Austrian bank statement (from € 10.000)
  • Austrian insurance (WGKK)


Visa D and Residency Permit Application

After receiving a positive answer from migration service (MA35), it is necessary to apply for special visa D for a residence permit to a consulate of Austria. This process takes up to several days. But it doesn’t mean, that after coming to Austria, you get your residence permit ready to go. After arriving in Austria, we accompany and help with registration, with checking in at the Austrian university, with the opening of a bank account, with taking out compulsory insurance, which means there are a lot of public authorities to deal with, before receiving a residence permit. We adjusted the process of collecting documents in Austria as a Swiss watch, so it requires minimal time expenses from your side. We accompany you to all public authorities, also to migration office (MA35) and help to receive a residence permit.

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