Student residencies in Austria

The places in students residencies are provided to the students of the language courses and university foundation programmes only. We are an official partner of the following students organisation:

  • ÖAD (Austrian Students Exchange Service)

  • Milestone

The places in student residencies are book in advance. We act as a payment guarantor for our students. All the contracts are direct contracts between a student and a residency. In case a student chooses to book a place on his own, please note, that you would need to provide a university admission letter and proof of the financial means.

студенческие общежития в Австрии
Duration 12 months
When to book 6 mo in advance
Renewal once per year
Check-in 10:00 –17:00
For our students we choose only the best residencies in Vienna. The places are booked in advance and are provided only to the students of the school.
Application fees € 20
Booking fees € 80
Final cleaning € 80
Extra charges € 150
Deposit from € 950
Total € 1.830
  • Room size: 12 – 30 sqm

  • fully furnished

  • learning lounges

  • bicycle garage

  • washroom lounge

  • party lounge

  • Internet access

  • cable TV

  • landline

Book a place in a student residency

Here is how you can book a place in a residency:

  • Choose a residency

Choose a residency, which you like the most and notify us about your decision. Should have any questions or need an advice, please do contact us – we would be happy to assist.

  • Sign a contract

You are provided with a contract for a residency. The minimum contract duration is 12 months. The contract is provided in German and English languages together with the residency rules. Please sign the contract, scan it and send it back to us.

  • Pay a deposit and fees

Upon signing a contract, you would need to pay the deposit, the administrative charges and the rent for the first 6 months. We recommend to cover the rent costs in advance in order to avoid the extra charges for late payment.

Haus Panorama


  • Room size: 12 sqm

  • Double room

  • Brigittenauer Lände 224

  • 20 mins to city center

per month



  • Room size: 20 – 22 sqm

  • Single studio

  • Sonnenallee 40, 1200 Vienna

  • 25 mins to city center

per month

Milestone Prater


  • Room size: 24 – 30 sqm

  • Single studio

  • Nordportalstraße 2, 1020 Vienna

  • 10 mins to city center

per month