The University of Vienna

Foundation 1365
Address Universitätsring 1
Number of Students 93 000
International students 29 000
Teaching staff 9 300
Bachelor programs 56
Master programs 117
Degree Courses

Universität Wien

The University of Vienna

  • History

The public university, which is placed in the capital of Austria – in Vienna, is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It was founded in 1365 based on four faculties: theology, juridical, philosophy, and medicine.

  • Specializations and faculties

Since that time the university has changed very much. Now at the university there are yearly studying about 100.000 students, 30% of them are international students. The University of Vienna offers more than 200 faculties. At the university, there are bachelor, master and doctorate programs.

  • Student exchange

The University of Vienna support partner relationship with 311 universities in different countries, what allows students to have their practice, internship or participate in different exchange programs.


World Recognition


Career Outlook

The University of Vienna budget in 2017

The University of Vienna has an enormous budget:

Total amount € 456 million
Students’ fees € 14 millions
Subsidies € 104 millions
Annual budget € 574 millions

The annual budget is given for understanding of the possibilities as of the University to invest in its development and scientific activities, as of the students to receive a high-quality knowledge.

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Campus of the University of Vienna

  • A green oasis in the middle of Vienna
  • Campus area 96.000 sqm

  • 11 libraries with over 1 million books

  • Tuition in 30 languages

  • 11 buildings and 65 institutes

  • Meeting spot of 12.000 students

Bachelor Degree

Language of instructions German / English
German language proficiency not required
Requirements high school
Admission period October / March
Entrance exams no
Undergraduate Courses

Master Degree

Language of instructions German / English
German language proficiency C1 level
Requirements bachelor degree
Admission period October / March
Entrance exams no
Postgraduate Courses

The University of Vienna

  • More than 92.000 students
  • More than 6.000 scientists and professors
  • More than 180 programs
  • Students from 130 countries
  • Libraries with over 6 million publications

  • The Nobel laureates among the graduates

Why do students choose the University of Vienna?

At the University of Vienna, there are 92.000 students. The university offers more than 178 programs of full-time education programs and is one of the leading universities in Austria. These are the main reasons, why such a huge number of students has chosen the University of Vienna for their higher education:

Венский Университет

650 years of teaching and researches

In 2015 the University of Vienna celebrated its 650th birthday. Anniversary? Yes! The University of Vienna is the most honored and the oldest one in the German-speaking world. 650 years of teaching and scientific researches.

Венский Университет

Students from all around the world are studying here!

In the University of Vienna, more than 92.000 students are studying , about 30% (e.g. 28.000) of students are international students from more than 140 countries from around the world. Isn’t it impressive? Join them and enter the University of Vienna.

Enter the University of Vienna
Венский Университет

A huge selection of faculties

From Austro-physics to zoology: students of the University of Vienna can choose any specialization from the huge amount of faculties. In the University of Vienna, there is the biggest selection of faculties. Can you name another university with such a huge amount of specializations?

Венский Университет

Center for teaching and researches

In the University of Vienna, about 7.000 scientists are working, what makes the university the most significant research alma-mater in Austria and Europe. In the university, the principle of practicing the research activity is realized, which means all the innovations are immediately introduced in the curricula.

Венский Университет

The International University with the capital letter

The University of Vienna is an active participant of the university web of student exchanges – ERASMUS. The University also has the partnership relations with a big number of universities around the world, giving to the students the possibility of studying one or two semesters abroad for the price of education in the University of Vienna.

Венский Университет

Heart of Vienna

The University of Vienna is a complex of 70 buildings across the city. The university is placed in the city center and is a huge part of Vienna. The University of Vienna plays its role in the ranking of the most comfortable city for living and of the capital of the studentship.

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University Assistance

  • University Admission
  • Students Residency Placement
  • Visa and Residency Permit Assistance
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University Foundation Programmes

  • German language courses for university
  • University foundation courses
  • Entrance exams crash-courses