Vienna University of Medicine

Established 1365
Address Spitalgasse 23
Students 8 000
Academics 5 500
Degree courses 44
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Vienna University of Medicine

  • Date of founding

The University of Medicine was part of a University of Vienna. It was one of the four faculties of the Vienna University, which formed a base of Alma Mater Rudolfina in 1365, and already in that time, it was considered a recognized instance for all health-related questions.

  • Independence

In 2004 the Vienna University of Medicine was opened as a separate university, independent from the Vienna Public University.

  • Ranking

The Vienna University of Medicine is among the TOP-50 of the world’s best medical universities, takes 14th place in the European ranking of medical universities, and the third place among the medical universities in the German-speaking countries.


in Austria, Germany and Switzerland


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It is possible to enter the Austrian universities right after finishing the school. The state exams, the mean score of the secondary school certificate or German language proficiency are not required for the university admission. Students can prepare for the university or learn the German language already in Austria, after registration in the university.

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Degree courses in the Vienna University of Medicine

The enrollment to the Vienna University of Medicine is based on a competitive process. Students take an entrance exam and after a positive result, they will be enrolled in the university to a selected degree course. The Vienna University of Medicine offers the following degree courses:

Why do Austrian and international students choose the Vienna University of Medicine?



The Vienna University of Medicine is one of the most prestigious medical universities in the world and is among the TOP-10 of European medical schools. Due to its ranking, the university was obliged to implement quotas on the places for international students. Students from Germany and Switzerland prefer to get their higher education in Austria.


Research base

At the Vienna University of Medicine are studying about 8.000 students, what makes it the biggest university in the medical sphere in Europe. Also, the university has 26 clinics, three clinical departments and different high-specialized laboratories, which makes it the most powerful research organization in Europe in the biochemical sphere.



The Vienna University of Medicine represents not only the wonderful educational institute but one of the most attractive places, which offers jobs in the medical sphere. Already during their education students have the possibility to get a job as a worker of Vienna Medicine University or of medical clinic.

Preparation for the Austrian medical universities

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Workload: 36 hours per week
  • Start: October / February
  • Major subjects
  • Medical German language course
  • Preparation for an entrance exam
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